Hello and thank you for visiting the brand-spanking new website for First Choice Properties!

We are trying on a new style for our website, with lots of new features and faster, friendlier, functions.  We have one request - please be sure and contact us if you come across anything at all that is not working properly, or anything you find that is difficult to use or to understand. We want everything to be perfect for you.  And after all, we all know how hard it can be to make sure every link is linked, every "i" is crossed and every "t" is dotted! Right?  Please search to your heart's content.  We will be adding more cities, more areas to search and lots of new properties for your perusal as soon as possible.  

If this is your first connection with First Choice Properties, we would like to take a moment to let you know that we are located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, about 45 miles northwest of Austin and about an hour north of San Antonio.  An enviable location, you can be sure.  We are surrounded by gorgeous hills, ancient oak trees, beautiful wildflowers, rivers, lakes and resorts with luxury venues for world class golf and tennis, water skiing, fishing and boating, retirement living, vacation housing, and much more.  

That's the "up-town city" side of First Choice Properties.  But we have a split personality.  The other side of our real estate coin specializes in working with buyers and sellers for some of the most beautiful farm and ranch land in the entire state - heck, the entire nation!  Okay, okay I let my "Texan" take over for a moment. Forgive, please.

But seriously, we can assist you with your real estate needs for luxury homes and resort living, small town living, retirement or first time buyers, or country living, whether a small get-away in the country, or a downright for-sure, for-real Texas RANCH!  

We have been doing this for a long, long time and we love what we do.  Let us find your place in the Texas Hill Country.  You can't imagine how sweet life can be until you are here.  Come on now, give us a call at 830.693.7121 to get started.