Hello and Happy New Year!  Doesn't it seem like only a very few weeks ago that you were crossing out 2014 to rewrite the year as 2015.  Well, here we area again.

We are looking forward to a New Year at First Choice Properties.  Prices have been rising in Home and Land sales and we are seeing people taking advantage of the present market.

Are you confident that your real estate investment is sound?  Are you ready to sell and, hopefully, see a profit from the sale of your current investments?  The market right now is looking positive for Sellers because prices are rising in many markets.  In our market we see a steady increase in both home and land prices.  In fact, they could be called phenomenal in many, many cases.  2016 could be your year to put some money in the bank!

Okay, Buyers ... do you need to find more living space needed for your family?  Or, you have retired and now need a smaller, more economical place to live comfortably.  Maybe you are a first-time Buyer and you want to examine the possibility of owning your own home.  Are you tired of renting your home and would like to be in your very own home and building equity for your future? 

All of us wake up each morning not knowing what new economic changes may be heading our way from Washington, The Fed, or elsewhere.  We can either hide under a rock with the fear of future catastrophic changes and find ourselves in the same place in 2017 and "miss the boat". Or we can make the best of the current opportunities and find a better future for ourselves.

Right now is the time to decide!  If you want to catch that boat of opportunity and be a Buyer give us a call.  Or if you are a Seller, you too can be on the boat that sails to a brighter financial future for yourself and your family.  No one can make that decision except you.  Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Why not give this some serious thought?  

First Choice Properties is here to help you make your decision turn out just as you dream it to be. Give us a call.  We would love to help you.

We wish you a bold, exciting, profitable and Happy New Year in 2016.    

God bless you all,
Gregg and Rhonda Behrens